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  • Revised State Time Schedule

    We have revised the time schedule for the State meet this Friday and Saturday and I just posted the new schedule to our website! We also still have openings for volunteers to help with these meets and equipment moves! Here is the time schedule link.  http://achievegymnastics.com/files/Revised-Opt-Comp-State-Time-Schedule.pdf
  • Scholastic Books Warehouse Sale!

    Have a great summer reading!  Here is info on some great deals through the Scholastic Book Fair Warehouse Sale!  Check it out and good book hunting!

    Book Sale

  • Regionals & State Updates!

    Here is a VERY IMPORTANT message about Regionals & State!  As I mentioned at the Parents meetings we were struggling to secure a site location for Regionals and State and we HAVE now secured those but dates have had to change!  Both of the League Regional Meets will be held the 2nd weekend of July and take place on July 10th - 13th! Regional Competition: Achieve Optionals will attend Regionals on THURSDAY, July 10th. Achieve Compulsories will attend Regionals on SUNDAY, July 13th   State Competition will be held on Friday, July 18th for all Qualifying Optionals and  Saturday, July 19th for all Qualifying Compulsory Gymnasts!
  • Important Team Links

    The website has some very important Team links that take you to valuable information.  Check them out! "Compulsory Routine Training Video" Link is under Team > Team Resourses "Team Newsletter"s can be found at Team > Team Newsletters "Parents Meeting Sign Up" Link is also at Team > Team Newsletters
  • Workshops vs Clinics

    Many have asked the difference between Workshops and Clinics, Workshops are special training that the staff at Achieve feel are a MUST attend.  Currently we hold two Workshops a year, Compulsory Routine Workshops (currently taking place)  and Off Season Training Workshops (after season concludes).  We feel that all team members should attend workshops that pertain to their level. So when you see a Workshop posted you should plan to sign up.  Clinics are voluntary training's that cover a variety of topics, they can be beneficial to get extra help on an event that your daughter is struggling on or a skill she needs more reps and focused effort to master.  We encourage participants to utilize clinics but we expect all athletes to attend workshops.  Hope this helps clarify this subtle difference.  We are excited about the upcoming season and the talent that we have on our team. Dream - Believe - Achieve!
  • Great Things at Achieve

    Great things are happening at Achieve!  We continue to grow thanks to you and we appreciate you having such great things to say to your friends about our program!  We are deep in the middle of our remodel and hope to be wrapping it up around the end of February.  Thanks for seeing what's "coming" and working with us during this time of remodel!  Dream - Believe - Achieve!
  • Your Questions Answered!

    Our Location 3460 S Fairplay Way, Aurora CO 80014 Just west of Hampden Ave and Chambers Rd

    Our Facility

    We have moved in to an existing gym building, but have plans to make it bigger and better! We are making several major repairs and renovations, many of which have already been completed or are starting soon.

    Our Program, Class and Team Philosophy, Vision & Mission

    Our philosophy, vision and mission have not changed. We continue to strive to provide the highest level of quality instruction, athletic coaching and teaching life skills through the sport of Gymnastics. For more…see Our Philosophy, Vision & Mission Tab on the website. Other important things to know:
    • We will continue competing through CARA (Colorado Association of Recreational Athletics)
    • Key Staff and our Coaches are with us and excited to begin their new opportunities at Achieve Gymnastics! For more…see Staff Bios Tab on the website.
    • Fundraisers – We will continue to offer fundraising opportunities that will both benefit our participants directly as well as the team. King Soopers and Kohl’s card programs will be ongoing, along with other fundraisers we have offered in the past. We understand that the establishment of a private facility causes costs to be a bit higher and we are hopeful that these fundraising programs will help to offset that difference. For more…see Fundraising Tab on the website.
    • Parent Board / Boosters – The Aurora Illusions Parent Sounding Board is now the Achieve Parent Sounding Board (APS Board). The contributions by this group over the years have been invaluable and we plan to continue this proud and important tradition!
    • Participant Fees have been carefully scrutinized, taking into account past amounts our client base was paying with the City and also what other competitors are charging in the marketplace for private gymnastics instruction.
    • Registration Fees are designed to cover our costs for liability insurance and for registration software, which we pay for by the person and it is specifically based on the rates we are charged for the various levels.
    • The fees we charge include:
      • Larger gym
      • More space
      • Training pit
      • New equipment
      • Friendly, easier registration process (Jackrabbit)
      • Our own place to call “home”!
      • Ability to secure the quality staff you have come to expect
    • For more detail on pricing and registration…see Fees & Payments Tab on the website.
    Quotes from the Achieve Staff! Chris: “The defining moment for me came at the gymnastics parents’ meeting with City management. After hearing the City’s responses to our parent and participant concerns, I told Alan that night…these wonderful families deserve a new and better gym and we just have to find a way to make it happen!” Lisa: “Having an impact on kids and influencing them to become healthy and responsible adults through gymnastics has been my passion and mission since I was 16. I am beyond excited to continue this journey with DBA Sports | Achieve Gymnastics. I believe through Achieve Gymnastics, we will have the opportunity to welcome more kids and their families to our new gymnastics home. I am thrilled to be able to Dream, Believe & Achieve at a whole new level!” Alan: “Dream-Believe-Achieve. I have lived this motto for the past 20 years. I have dreamed of this new business venture, and truly believe we can achieve wonderful things together. We welcome all those who choose to share in the ideal…that we Start with a Dream, Learn to Believe...Achieve Gymnastics!Marlene: “It is with extreme pleasure and excitement that I will continue to be a part of this wonderful program through Achieve Gymnastics!  Alan and his wife, Chris, have given me the opportunity to become a more integral part of this gymnastics family and I am excited to help take us to the next level.  Through Achieve Gymnastics we will not only continue to provide a quality program, we Believe we will Achieve our Dreams and truly make it better.”

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Achieve Gymnastics

Here's a pretty cool video that a friend from one of the Danish teams made. Enjoy! m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10152195271231721&id=619096720 ... See MoreSee Less

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