Every year the Achieve Parent Sounding Board (APS) offers a way raise money and purchase used leotards at great prices!

How the Used Leotard Sale works is you bring in your used leotards & shorts to the Achieve Front Desk on or before Friday, April 13th.  Using the new barcode tags, please make sure each item has your name and size on the appropriate tag you want to sell the leotard / shorts for. The price must be in $5 increments. You can print out this price sheet and attach one to each piece of clothing you are selling (see right side bar).

For each item you sell, the APS Board shares the fundraising proceeds with you.  Your portion is placed in your Fundraising Account to be used towards anything Achieve related such as tuition, pro shop, summer camps, etc.  These funds become available to you the quarter after the fundraising is done.

This sale is only successful if we have lots of participants.  So look through those leotard drawers and bring in any that don’t fit or your daughter doesn’t wear!

Please Note: All unsold leotards must be picked up on or before May 7th.  If they are not picked up by May 7th we assume you want to donate them to Achieve Parent Sounding Board for future sales.