Class Descriptions

Preschool Classes

Fireflys: Walking - 2 Years

7__320x240_ag-fireflyWe can’t think of a better way to introduce your toddler to sports than through this energetic parent-tot class. Not only will your child be introduced to gymnastics and physical activity basics, they will also begin to develop school readiness skills like listening, waiting in line, and following directions. We use a variety of teaching techniques in this class including games, circuits and obstacle courses. The goal of our Firefly class is to teach your child how fun learning can be with energetic teachers, weekly lesson themes and YOU-their parent guiding your child towards an exciting “first-class” experience.

Due to current scheduling demands, there is no specific Fireflies class running right now.  We will open as need increases, however, our Bumble Bees class is open to walking through 3 years old, so please join us!

Bumble Bees: 2 - 3 Years

4__320x240_ag-bumblebeeAs the most influential person in a child’s life, we feel the best way to help your kids grow and develop is for parents to play an active part. This parent-tot class is perfect for 2 year-olds who have had success in our Firefly class and 3 year-olds participating in their first class experience, or who may be a little hesitant to join a class without mom or dad. Bumble Bees differs from Fireflies in that we incorporate more stations, teach more gymnastics basics and encourage kids to follow a more structured approach to learning but still incorporate weekly lesson themes and plenty of excitement.

Butterflies: 3 - 4 Years

5__320x240_ag-butterflyOur Butterfly class is the perfect transition to help your child get ready for preschool or act as additional enrichment for 3 & 4 year-olds already in a preschool program. If your child is 3, we STRONGLY recommend that you take at least one session of our Bumble Bee classes with your child to help them become comfortable with our gym, our staff and how a class setting works, especially if they have not yet attended school or daycare. Our teaching approach for this class is a combination of whole-group teaching as well as circuit learning through strategically developed lesson plans with weekly themes. This class has a lower student to teacher ratio and a slower pace than the Bumble Bee class to help your child adjust to being in a “big kid class” without mom or dad.

Dragonflies: 4 - 5 Years

6__320x240_ag-dragonflyOne of the many benefits of gymnastics is how the sport can teach the athletic foundation needed for all other sports. Dragonflies is the perfect class for this. While we recognize children this age are now able to sign up for many other activities, we strongly believe gymnastics provides a more well-rounded approach to physical development, coordination, balance, agility, strength, reaction time and tracking (a skill that helps with reading) than most other sports for kids this age. The Dragonfly class has a stronger focus on skill development without losing any of the fun and excitement. Children will be actively engaged on bars, beam, floor and tumble trampoline along with other fun games and activities. Independent 4 & 5 year-olds will reap benefits for many years to come with the foundation built in our Dragonfly class.

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Recreation Classes

Junior Girls Advanced

Taught by our most dynamic and energetic instructors, your 5-7 year old daughter will come away from our Junior Advanced class with the beginning foundation for the Achieve Gymnastics’ Pre-team/Team Program. This 1.5 hour class is focused on teaching gymnastics basics on vault, bars, beam, floor and tumble tramp. To have the most success in the Junior Advanced class, girls should have taken Dragonflies or have some gymnastics experience. Girls should know body positions such as tuck, pike, straddle, wolf, hollow, basic cartwheel and handstand concepts, and have a level of comfort on the beam and bars. The best part of our Junior Advanced class is watching your young daughter make significant progress in not only her gymnastics, but also her confidence, focus and determination!

Junior Girls

With the same curriculum as our Girls Gymnastics class, Junior Girls can be a more comfortable transition for the kiddos leaving our 5 & Under program, as the age range is from 6 – 8 years old.  This hour long class offers beginning basics on vault, bars, beam, floor and tumble tramp.  In addition to all their improvements in gymnastics, Junior Girls will help your daughter build confidence, strength, coordination and balance in a fun, positive and rewarding environment.

Girls Gymnastics

If you are looking for a beginning activity to build your daughter’s confidence, strength and coordination, Girls Gymnastics is the class for you! Girls Gymnastics is our beginning gymnastics class for girls age 6-12. This hour long class offers beginning basics on vault, bars, beam, floor and tumble tramp to girls new to gymnastics. The majority of girls with little to no gymnastics experience will spend 9-12 months in girls gymnastics before progressing to the next level. If your child likes a challenge and wants to progress faster, we encourage you to sign up for two classes! Girls gymnastics is for every girl who wants to have a fun, positive and rewarding gymnastics experience.





Girls Advanced

If your daughter has mastered Girls Gymnastics and is ready for an even greater challenge, our 1.5 hour Advanced class is a great stepping stone towards becoming a competitive gymnast or just improving your skills if you are not yet sure competitive gymnastics is your path. You will see many of our team teachers coaching the 7-12 year old girls in Advanced. This class takes a more focused approach on vault, bars, beam and floor while introducing the basics and concepts of our pre-team class and team. To be part of the Advanced class, girls should know body positions such as tuck, pike, straddle, wolf, hollow, basic cartwheel and handstand concepts, and have a level of comfort on the beam and bars. This class is perfect for all girls with a desire to work hard and improve their gymnastics skills.

Boys Sports Development

Our Boys Sports Development class is aimed at helping your 6-12 year old son develop skills, concepts and coordination that will help him to be a stronger athlete in any sport. This class will focus on increasing coordination, strength, balance, agility, body awareness, balance, and so much more. Every week will bring new challenges through activities such as obstacle courses, tumble tramp, games, jump rope, juggling, strength and speed challenges and high energy fun! Whether PE is one of your son’s favorite classes in school or you are looking for a less competitive physical approach that is geared toward increasing physical activity and health, this class is for your son!