Used Leotard Sale 

April 21st through April 29th

The 2017 Used Leo Sale is coming up!  You can sell  your gently used leotards in this sale, in increments of $5.  $4 out of ever $5 goes to your fundraising account to be used towards any Achieve Gymnastics activities or pro shop items.  Price tags are available at the Front Desk.  Drop your leotards off no later than 4/13 if you wish to participate, and don’t forget to put your name, price, and leotard size on the tag!  The Used Leo Sale will take place at Achieve Gymnastics from 4/21 – 4/29.  Come browse our incredible selection of gently used leotards during this week.

Annual Fundraisers & General Information

Fundraising for Website



APS Board

Achieve Parent Sounding Board (APS Board) is our program’s booster organization. Fundraisers are designed for YOU!  No one is required to participate in any fundraiser we offer. Funds typically go to gymnastics-related expenses, such as competition fees, practice leos, tuition and more.

APS Fundraising Accounts & Money

Throughout the year we provide fundraising opportunities for Achieve Gymnastics members through our Parent Boosters Club. The majority of our fundraisers benefit participants as well as the Boosters Program and participation is voluntary.

Various Fundraising Opportunities

We offer a variety of fundraisers at different times of the year.  Here is a list of fundraisers that we have done in the past along with the general time of year that we did them.


Our annual fundraiser is typically around February.  Butter Braid Pastries cost $12 each, and $5 of each Butter Braid sale comes back to the gym.  Each participant will receive $3, and the APS Board will receive $2.

We frequently run this fundraiser around spring before Mothers Day and again near the Holidays for their Poinsettia sale.  Common items include poinsettia plants of different sizes and colors, wreaths, and gift cards.

We tend to run this in conjunction with our Annual Team Pictures.  50% of everything spent at Chipotle on our given day and time goes directly to our program.  It is a great opportunity for us and the money we make benefits everyone in the gym!

King Sooper’s and Kohl’s Cards

We have King Sooper’s and Kohl’s gift cards available for purchase, year round, at the Front Desk.   Kohl’s cards are available in $50 and $100 denominations, and King Sooper’s cards are available in $100 denominations.  You receive a 3% rebate to your fundraising account from each card purchased.

Scrip Cards

ShopWithScrip is an online fundraiser for purchasing physical retail gift cards, e-gift cards (ScripNow) and reload current cards. ShopWithScrip works with @ 300 retailers across the United States. They purchase the cards from the partnering retailers. Retailers offer rebates for purchasing physical, ScripNow (e-certificates) and (ReloadNow) reloading physical cards previously purchased through ShopWithScrip. 60% of the listed rebate for each purchase becomes available to you to use the fiscal quarter after your purchase. 40% of the rebate goes to our Achieve Parent Sounding Board (Boosters / 501(c)(3)).

To view the current list of retailers navigate to

Various Team Merchandise and Sales

Our team also makes money through various other sales of team and practice merchandise and program items.  All monies that the team makes gets put directly back into our program.

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