APS Board

The Achieve Parent Sounding Board (APS Board) is a committee of parents representing each competition level. The Board was formed in 1994 to create a forum for discussion between the team supervisor and the parents of participants. It is not a governing board for our program but rather a means to discuss concerns, organize volunteers and provide suggestions and ideas for the future of the Achieve Gymnastics Team.

The APS Board helps each of our participant families by offering a channel for parent comments. It helps the Team Coaches and Staff to stay in touch with our participant’s concerns and desires as well as giving them a resource to help organize the remaining team parents. If you are interested in being part of the APS Board please contact the Office or one of the current members.  If you have any comments or concerns, this committee is here for you – but please remember that our DBA Sports, Inc. | Achieve Gymnastics Staff is always available to discuss any concerns you might have as well.

Volunteers Committee –

This committee would be responsible for signing up volunteers and maintaining track of their hours.

Chair: Melissa Bailey   720-841-1668  qmbailey@msn.com

Coach Appreciation & Special Events Committee –

This committee would be responsible for staff appreciation, special events, Team Building,  and Team banquet.

Co-Chair: Beth Yee   303-690-9874  beth_yee@hotmail.com

Co-Chair: Gina French  303-396-4381  gmfrench1@gmail.com

Gym Maintenance Committee –

This committee coordinates various projects for the gym, organizes cleaning days and helps keep our space in great shape.

Co-Chair: Petra Shelest  303-622-4689  rpeztt@gmail.com

Co-Chair: Cheryl Parent  720-201-1300  crp1crp2@comcast.net

New Member Committee –

This committee is our Welcome Wagon! They are responsible for making new Team members feel welcome and help be a source of information for them while they acclimate to the team.

Co-Chair: Theresa Olson  303-356-6315  jayjtoent@aol.com

Co-Chair: Dawn Mann  303-731-7372  Mann.dm@gmail.com

Concessions Committee –

This committee would oversee all things related to concessions or other sales at meets. This includes Concession stand, Leo Table, and Gate.

Controller: Shawn Demoss  303-690-2718  sdemoss@303eyetest.com

Chair: Stephanie Lujan  720-560-5611  smlujan1991@gmail.com

Executive Committee –

The executive committee is responsible for coordinating the activities of the other committees, overseeing the positive functioning of the parents’ group and team.

Co-Chair: Monica Ivester  303-693-5418  monica.ivester@gmail.com

Co-Chair: Shawn Demoss  303-690-2718  sdemoss@303eyetest.com

Team Supervisor: Alan Herron  DBASports@comcast.net

Team Staff:  Marlene Nothstine  marlene_dbasports@comcast.net

Team Staff: Lisa Sparrow  lisa_dbasports@comcast.net

APS Board Minutes