Big Sister Program!

The Achieve Big Sister Program is a way to make a connection throughout our Team and to provide support and encouragement to the Compulsory Gymnasts from the Optional Team. We hope to foster the ideals of our program and help everyone find ways to Dream – Believe – Achieve!

Here is what you should do!

  • Download and fill out the appropriate form for your gymnastics level.  Optionals download “Big Sister Info Sheet” & Compulsory Gymnasts download the “Little Sister Info Sheet”!
  • Bring the form back into the gym and give to your coach, we will see that your form gets to the Big or Little Sister that you have been paired up with!
  • Look for your sister at meets or at the gym!  You now have someone to encourage and someone that will encourage you!

Big Sister Info Sheet

Little Sister Info Sheet

Let the fun begin!  We hope to match you all up with your sister at our first regular season meet, but if you or your sister isn’t there don’t worry we will get you connected!  This is a BIG team aren’t you glad to know you have a sister looking out for you?