Team Levels & Advancement Path

Pre-Team is the base of our Team program. At this level, girls do not compete, but rather work towards their Compulsory 3 skills while gaining confidence, a strong work ethic and determination to become a competitor on our team. Girls age 6-12 must try out for our Pre-Team Program. Most girls spend 6-12 months as Pre-Team gymnasts before trying out for and making Team. Pre-Team practices at the same time as our Compulsory Team girls. We strongly encourage two nights of practice per week for a faster track to our team program.

Our Compulsory 3 Team is the perfect introduction to individual competition for  your daughter. Our coaches are focused on individual improvement and success.   We put very little emphasis on scores, ribbons or places. At this level we want to develop a positive attitude towards competition and development of gymnastics skills.  Girls between the ages of 7 and 14 typically spend one or two years as Compulsory 3 gymnasts, learning skills such as cartwheels and handstands on beam, back walkovers and back extension rolls on floor, front hip circles and sole circle dismounts on bars and front handspring progression on vault. Compulsory 3 gymnasts are required to attend two practices a week to help with faster skill development, skill and routine retention and increased confidence!

Our Compulsory 4 Team is the next step towards gymnastics skill improvement and competitive development. While the skills get more difficult at this level, our desire to create a positive competitive experience remains the same. Girls are challenged with harder skills and routines, but rewarded by seeing themselves develop beyond a basic level of gymnastics. Compulsory 4 gymnasts continue to develop an increased sense of focus, confidence, determination and take pride in their hard work.  They spend their season mastering cartwheels and handstands on beam, front and back handsprings on floor, kips on bars and a front handspring over the vault table. Girls age 7-14 can spend 1-2 years at this important level developing crucial building blocks that will serve them as they progress in the sport of gymnastics. Compulsory 4 gymnasts are required to practice twice a week to help with skill development, routine retention and overall confidence. 

Our Optional Team Program will provides  a more individualized development path as a gymnast as well as benefits that go way beyond the sport of gymnastics.  Optionals compete in levels 1 through 5 depending on their skill level. Optional gymnasts are required to practice two nights a week, but we support and encourage three or more nights a week. Girls on our Optional Team develop strong friendships that go beyond their time in the gym. They also develop a sense of belonging in our gym, which starts and keeps them on a path to success not only in the sport, but also in school and other activities settings. Our Optional Team Program focuses on building self-esteem, goal setting skills, determination and motivation to succeed in the gym and in life!