At DBA Sports, Inc. | Achieve Gymnastics (DBA|AG) we pride ourselves on having the highest standards for our staffing. We are looking for people with inspiring character, friendly personalities and positive, unique qualities to bring to our team. At the end of the day, we want our participants to go home feeling like part of the family and to have a true and caring connection with us.

If you are enthusiastic, fun, caring and eager to learn, and are someone who can take a kid with a Dream, teach them to Believe, and ultimately to Achieve their goals…then DBA Sports, Inc. | Achieve Gymnastics is looking for you!

Applicants will submit a complete and accurate application form and references will be checked. DBA|AG is committed to providing a safe and positive environment for its students and performs background checks on all new employees.

We want to ensure that each employee is the right fit for the DBA|AG family and we want DBA|AG to be a good fit for each member of our team. For this reason, any potential employee will be asked to spend 3 hours to familiarize him/herself with our gym, ask questions and observe current employees in action. This is a time that applicants voluntarily spend at the gym with one of our training coaches to observe, ask questions, and better understand our programs and philosophies before continuation of the application process.

Upon invitation to join our DBA|AG family, candidates enter an initial training phase, where they assist some of our classes with the main coach(es) guiding them. They will meet with key staff to discuss policies, procedures, our philosophy, expectations, mission, and values. During this phase, new hires are evaluated to determine if they have the skill set to handle this responsibility in a safe, fun and productive manner for children. Performance, attendance and behavior are carefully monitored by management and selected DBA|AG Staff.  All new staff members are required to observe our training videos and keep a log of continued training and are expected to ask questions and show interest to improve their skills. All instructional staff will be required to obtain the appropriate certifications, as well as take a written test to demonstrate their understanding of DBA|AG policies & procedures, safety rules and technical aspects of the sport. Upon satisfactory completion of this review and demonstrated compliance of DBA|AG philosophies, culture, and mission they become an official DBA|AG Staff Member and join an exceptional team that is changing and enhancing children’s lives every day.

Take the next step! Fill out our application and return to Marlene@AchieveGymnastics.com